Easy Assembly Small Inexpensive Mobile Modular Homes

Easy Assembly Small Inexpensive Mobile Modular Homes

Easy assembly small inexpensive mobile modular homes Certificate: ISO9001:2008 Certificate Specification : 64m2 (8000*8000mm) Color : can be chosen by the customers Materical: Steel Earthquake proof : grade 8 Wind proof : 120km/h Usage : it can be used as offices, command posts, dormitories,...

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Product Details

Easy assembly small inexpensive mobile modular homes

Certificate: ISO9001:2008 Certificate

Specification: 64m2 (8000*8000mm)

Color: can be chosen by the customers

Materical: Steel

Earthquake proof: grade 8

Wind proof: 120km/h

Usage: it can be used as offices, command posts, dormitories, meetting rooms, warehouse, shops, additional storey on building roof and temporary houses in the field of building, railways, highways and water conservancy projects, etc.



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Packaging & Shipping

 3 units Waterproof luxury container house Australia can be loaded in one 40'HQ container to ship.




1. Easy to assemble and disassemble: The house can be assembled and disassembled for dozens of times and can be reused many times. And the assenmbling only needs simple tools without any power source. Plugs and screws are all the needs to connect the pieces of the houses.

2. Strong structure: It adopts steel frame structure. Thus, it is stable according to the code of building structure.

3. Durable: The steel frame parts are all processed with anti-corrosion coating and it can be used at least for 20 years.

4. Heat-insulation: The walls and roof are made of color-coated steel sandwich panels (EPS, XPS, PU or Rock Wool) which is knowns for its food heat-insulating and fire proof performance.

 PS: The wall can also be made of autoclaved lightweight panel which is a better material for walls.

5. Enviroment protection: The design of the house is resonable. And it is easy to assemble and disassemble.

6. Others: The design of the house can be customized. We put the benefits of the customer in the first place.


Brief introduction about the product’s instructure:

Roof: Color-coated Steel Tile

Ceiling: Coloe-coated Steel Sandwich Panel (50mm EPS)

     PS: The material and thickness can be chosen by the customerrs.

Wallboard: Color-coated Steel Sandwich Panel (50mm EPS)

     PS: The thicknesss can be chosen by the customers.

Window: Plastic Steel Window with the fly screen

Door: Coloe-coated Steel Sandwich Panel (50mm EPS)

     PS: The thickness and the material can be chosen by the customers.

Doorflame: Aluminum Ally Doorframe

Floorboard: can be chosen by the customers




Company Information

Professional prefab house manufactory founded in 2004

Total gross floor area about 8000m2

Number of employees about 70.

Export-oriented factory




1.Q.Can you give me any discount?
A.Generally speaking ,we will give you the most competitive price.But if your order is exceptional large, we will prepare to increase the discount for a long term cooperation


2.Q.Can you provide me DWG format drawings?I want to make some changes.
A.If you want to make some changes in drawings ,you could tell us the details,and we can do you a favor.


3.Q.Do you have any certification? Does your product meet our country's standard?
A. Yes,we can provide ISO certifications, test reports, SGS certificates as your support documents.You can kindly tell us about your country’s standards,and we can try our best to meet your standards.


4.Q.If we order more than our capacity, then how to arrange delivery?
A.We produce according to the order,but we’ll spare every efforts to delivery without sacrificing the quality as soon as possible.


5.Q.This time we are going to buy 1 set for quality check and to be placed for a show. For a long term co-operation, would your company offer us competitive price?
A.It’s great honor to have a long term cooperation with you,We will give you the most competitive price.


6.Q.To import your products,what are the importing documents required?
A.You need the customers clearance documents,such as packing list,commercial invoice,contract and something like this,when you take the goods from ports,we will send you all the related documents.


Our Services

If you have your own drawing of prefab home, or any thought of it, please contact us and tell us about what your ideal home is. And then, we will use our professional technology to make you idea come true.

If you not have your own drawing,please tell me 1.How many square meter of prefabricated house are you want? 2.What kinds of material are you like?What would be the house used for? And other detail requirements.We will use our experience give you advice.

We accept the payment method:T/T,L/C,D/A,D/P,O/A,DES,DEQ,DDU,DDP,ESCROW.



Interested in our products?Our sales representatives will offer you professional services and tailored solutions.Do not hesitate,contact us now!

HUASHA has been engaged in easy assembly small inexpensive mobile modular homes for over 20 years, and we are known as one of the leading such manufacturers and suppliers in China for our low price and quality products. In order to cater to customers' requirement, our factory also offers the customized service.
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