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What Are The Advantages Of Light Steel Structure Villa?
- Dec 15, 2016 -

Housing prices rising housing problem is one of the most concern, light steel structure villa is a new type of housing structure system. With low-cost, beautiful, low-carbon environmental protection and other characteristics of a seismic villa. Baoding solid light steel structure villa for everyone to introduce the system under the light steel structure which has the advantage of villas. 1, light steel structure greatly enhance the safety of residential housing reliability, seismic, wind performance. Compared with the traditional structure, the seismic performance of light-weight steel structure is much better than that of light steel structure. First, the weight of light-weight steel structure is not controlled by earthquake force, but the wind load is mainly affected by it. Second, the material ductility, seismic performance; Third, the light steel structure is basically not converted, the vertical stiffness uniformity. Taiwan earthquake survey shows that in the strong earthquake near the collapse of the building is almost all steel structure. 2, the quality of light steel structure is more assured. Light steel structure is the factory production, processing high precision, on-site assembly and welding, each process can be installed as the equipment as checking accuracy, to minimize the outdoor site environment on the impact of product quality, so the quality is guaranteed. 3, light steel structure in line with the housing industry and sustainable development requirements, to achieve the industrialization of housing and industrialization. Light steel structure accessories factory production and a high degree of mechanization, a high degree of commercialization. 4, light steel structure Compared with reinforced concrete residential buildings, because the light steel structure of steel can be recycled later, but the concrete can not be recycled, the future is certainly construction waste, causing environmental stress, and concrete to 40 years to dry all, so Easily lead to indoor humidity, moisture, is not conducive to human health. But the light steel structure completely without concrete, so there is no such problem. 5, light steel structure construction using dry construction method, will not cause waste of water information. And the cost is saved.