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Tiny House Was Blowout Development
- Jul 13, 2017 -

Tiny House Was blowout development

Some conventional preservative wood products are currently playing a very important role in our lives or around them, but because of the scarcity of wood and the growth cycle, it is used to make some simple everyday Household items or some of the park's facilities and other aspects, it is a little waste, from the recent development direction and dynamic point of view, the anti-wood wood is more inclined to some high-end anti-corrosion wooden villa building and some railway construction Played a very important role, due to the further development of people's economic level, the requirements of the living environment has also made a corresponding change, some of the original reinforced concrete building has let people tired, they began to explore and Looking for some high-end, environmentally friendly, more comfortable building

So there is a rustic villa, this villa for now, in the north of the city is rarely seen, mostly in the southeast coast of the first-tier cities in the majority, because the northern climate is relatively cold, especially to the In winter, people in order to better keep warm, play a very good insulation work, so people usually choose some of the adobe or some brick and wood structure of the house, in the insulation is more prominent, and the temperature of the South throughout the year The difference is not great, the cold for the southern city is a thing not to consider, so they are seeking a European-style wooden villa buildings.

In recent years, this domestic development trend is more and more obvious, but there is still a large part of the wood is used to make some outdoor wood products, these outdoor wood products can be replaced with other materials, you can To a certain extent, save a lot of wood for the construction of some high-end buildings, said it can also be a good conservation of wood and forest resources play a role.

1, the main use of outdoor preservative wood for outdoor use, and its processing and disposal of the only intention to enhance the wood in the natural environment against biological invasion of talent, but the wood is a natural material, in its high moisture content, Will inevitably attack cracking, deformation and other appearance, but such appearance will not have an impact on its anti-corrosion function.

2, antiseptic wood because of its rich in preservative, no need to use tung oil brushing; available varnish to adhere to the nature of wood, body color natural; or special needs, brushing wood oil, wood lacquer to rich scene color.

3, the outdoor device fixed wood, advocated the use of nickel, hot galvanized, stainless steel screws and antioxidant waterproof glue in the edge should be pre-drilling, to avoid cracking.

4, impregnated preservative wood rich in preservatives, so the water content is high, advocate drying to the moisture content of the% or the outdoor air "72 hours or more, before use.

5, the correct appearance of the disposal method can extend the life of impregnated material and adhere to its beautiful role, so in the usual maintenance process, should be promptly cleaned, scouring, wipe the appearance of wood, to avoid dust and dirt deposition, easy to stain the appearance Every 2-3 years using water-based or waxy paint on its surface maintenance.

In the use of preservative wood has side effects, but it is recommended not to use it for:

1, with food, animal feed or direct contact with drinking water, such as meat, countertops, bees and so on.

2, chemicals in the preservative may enter the food chain, such as storage of food or animal feed storage box, cellars, sinks, covers and so on.

3, chemical substances in the preservative may be exposed to the public drinking water system, but occasionally contact, such as terminals and bridges, you can use anti-corrosion wood.