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Tiny House Basic Meaning
- Jun 30, 2017 -

Tiny House Basic meaning 

Basic meaning editor


Generally refers to the roof, surrounded by walls, can shelter from the rain, keep warm for people to work, live, study, entertainment and storage materials, and has a fixed foundation, the height of more than 2.2 meters in a permanent place. But according to some local housing habits, for people to live in the cave, bamboo floor, etc. should also be included.

Residential structure: generally include: living room, bedroom, restaurant, kitchen, bathroom, attic and so on.

Evolution process


The original human to avoid the cold and rain, pest control beast, live in a cave or tree, which is the so-called "cave" and "nest" (tree nest). After continuous evolution, the ancients began to build houses. According to archaeological excavations.

Twists and turns of ancient times

With the development of human culture and technology, people began to build a house in accordance with the pre-designed program. So after people Seiko carved, scientific stitching of the huts and stone houses, as well as the combination of wood and stone construction of various forms of housing a large number, until the development of large-scale palace buildings and temple buildings.

Because of the difference between history and culture or customs, people of different nationalities have created a variety of different houses. Archaeological excavations show that China's earliest housing construction originated in the Neolithic Age about six or seven thousand years ago. There are two kinds of houses at the time, one is the northern Shaanxi half-slope site as the representative of the northern architectural mode - semi-crypt-type houses and ground houses; semi-crypt-type houses more round, cave deep and shallow Potholes for wall or wall; pit on the roof, top wiping mud; some walls and the middle of the room also has a wooden pillar support roof. One is based on the Yuyao Hemudu ruins in Zhejiang as the representative of the Yangtze River Basin and the south of the building model - dry bar-type buildings; generally with the erection of stakes or bamboo piles constitute the ground chassis, Supporting the floating of the floor, with its bamboo, thatch and other construction of housing. Dry bar-type building above people, the following raising livestock.

Great modernity

Modern houses, in essence, have a great change. People no longer simply rely on natural materials, but the use of reinforced concrete and other artificial materials, but also pay more attention to the decoration inside and outside the house. For example, in the walls of tiles, and even coated with gold powder, making the house becomes resplendent, dazzling. These buildings, both from the structure or appearance, are far more than the ancient houses.

Beautiful modern

Modern houses are not only shelters for people to live and work, it provides human beings with the production, scientific research, artistic creation and all the development of modern civilization.

Classified by purpose

The use of the premises shall be divided according to the intended use. If there are two or more uses related to residential or commercial premises, the building area shall be calculated according to the intended use. Such as the basement of a residential building can not live, a layer for the store, the rest of the family housing, the basement area should be included in other uses, the store area into the commercial business space, the rest of the area included in the house, such as a plant with life Between the office, can be included in the plant area.