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Tiny House Basic Meaning
- Jun 21, 2017 -

Tiny House Basic meaning

Basic meaning editor

Property room

The so-called property right room, refers to the property owner has ownership of the house (refers to) ownership of the land within the scope of ownership of the right to use, the property rights of these two rights enjoy the right to use, income and punishment. This right is absolute, exclusive, not subject to any other person's interference and influence, the property owner can transfer, lease, mortgage, pawn and other ways to legally deal with their own real estate rights. Definition of housing property rights.

Definition of Small Property Room

According to the "State Council on continuing to actively and steadily carry out the reform of urban housing system notice", employees to buy public housing, in the country within the housing area, can be sold at the standard price. After the purchase of workers have part of the property, you can inherit and sell, but the sale to be purchased after 5 years to carry out the original sale of property rights units have the right to purchase, the income of the sale of the deductible taxes, according to individual and unit Or the respective share of the government's share of property rights. From here we can see some of the property rights and all the property rights of some differences. Part of the property rights and all property rights difference is that part of the property rights is to emphasize the right to permanent use and inheritance, and the right to exercise and the right to exercise is limited to a certain range. Small property room is a narrow concept, through the government approved the formal construction of new houses is legal, you can have long - term residence. For those who do not have legal construction procedures, do not buy this is the real small property rights, it is not lawful at any time will be forced to remove. Definition of Property Rights of the State Council The Circular of the State Council on Continuing to Promote the Reform of Urban Housing System Continuously stipulates that all public property purchased by the purchaser can be owned by the public housing at the market price. The market price is the residential market price or price of the market price. National and local governments are not depressed and elevated, accompanied by the market, let the buyers and sellers agreed, as long as the two sides can accept, you can clinch a deal. In accordance with the market price of the owner of the purchase of housing, also has the ownership of the domination of housing, that is, ownership of housing, housing ownership, the right to use, the right to income and the right to dispose of. Here, the property of the house is the same as the ownership of the house, except that the formulation of the two is different. Relative to the "part of the property rights", the "all property rights" has the meaning of existence.

Small property room

The first class of small property room: occupation of collective land or illegal construction of arable land, the use of collective land use rights, for the development of commercial housing illegal construction. The second type of small property room: in the government allocated or transferred to the land, not according to the planning function development or use, and will limit the sale of housing directly in the market, with property rights disputes hidden property rights room. The third category of small property room: the right to use the land in the military to carry out the development of commercial housing, and then sold to soldiers outside the local residents, commonly known as "military room."