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The Source Of The Prefab Mobile House
- Dec 08, 2017 -

The prefab mobile house was first developed in the United States and can be traced back to early cars and electric road trips. It comes from a travel trailer, a small unit with wheels, often used in camping. The appearance of this type of house is due to the mobility of the house. This kind of house is primarily sold to the indeterminate groups of living places, the working life is mobile, and the fixed houses are not very suitable for them.

Since 1950s, this kind of house has been popularized as a cheap house. It has been built and placed in a place for a long time, even with stone foundation permanently installed. In the past, the width of the housing unit was 8 feet or less, but in 1956, 10 feet (3 meters) wide house was introduced along with the new term "activity room". The room is rectangular, made of lacquered aluminum, rather than the streamlined shape of the trailer, usually after the assembly. This helps to distinguish between active rooms and travel trailers.