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The Characteristics Of The Flat Pack Container House
- Jan 11, 2017 -
Product Description
20' flat pack container house
1.3 persons assemble one set in two hours
2. Easy to move
3. Easy to disassemble

1. Beautiful Appearance: Steel structure don't appear on the outside
2. Installation: Low foundation requirement, high integration, stronger environmental suitability
3. Energy saving & Eco-friendly: Standard manufacturing, no construction garbage, environmental friendly
4. Safe & steady: Earthquake resistance is Grade 7, Wind resistance is Grade 7, floor loading 1.5kN/M2.
5. Fast to assemble and dismantle: Short construction period, 4 people can install 100-150/m2 in one day.
6. Flexible design: Various modular combination, can satisfy different requirement
7. Recyclable: Material is recyclable
8. Comfortable and beautiful: Flat connection, elegant and chic
9. Easy to load & delivery: 6-8 set( 20ft ) per 40 HQ