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Storage House Dimensional Warehouse
- Jun 30, 2017 -

Storage House Dimensional warehouse

bonded warehouse

Bonded warehouse is in accordance with the relevant laws and import and export trade regulations to obtain permission to specialize in foreign imports and temporarily not taxable import and export goods warehouse.

Dimensional warehouse


Automatic storage of three - dimensional warehouse warehouse. Generally refers to the use of several layers, ten layers or even dozens of layers of high shelf storage unit cargo, with the corresponding material handling equipment for storage and storage operations warehouse. Because such a warehouse can make full use of space to store goods, it is often known as the "three-dimensional warehouse."

Automatic warehouse, also known as automated three-dimensional warehousing, logistics warehousing in the emergence of new concepts, the use of three-dimensional warehouse equipment can achieve high-level warehouse rationalization, access to automation, easy operation: automated warehouse, is the current high level of technology in the form. The main body of the automated warehouse consists of shelves, roadway stacking cranes, in (out) library workstations and automatic loading (out) and operation control systems. Shelf is a steel structure or reinforced concrete structure of the building or structure, the shelf is the standard size of the cargo space, roadway stacking crane walk through the road between the shelves, complete the deposit, pick up the work. Management using computer and bar code technology.


1, three-dimensional warehouse are generally higher. Its height is generally more than 5 meters, up to 40 meters, the common three-dimensional warehouse in the 7 to 25 meters.

2, three-dimensional warehouse must be mechanized warehouse. As the shelves in more than 5 meters, artificial has been difficult to carry out the import and export operations, and therefore must rely on mechanical operations. The three-dimensional warehouse in the automated warehouse, it is the current high level of technology in the form.

3, three-dimensional warehouse is equipped with multi-storey shelves. Due to the higher shelf, it is also known as high-level shelf warehouse.


1, according to the shelf height classification

According to the height of different shelves, subdivided into high-level three-dimensional warehouse (15 meters), the middle of the three-dimensional warehouse (5 to 15 meters) and low-level warehouse (5 meters) and so on. Because of the high cost of high-rise warehouse, the mechanical equipment requirements are special, and the installation is more difficult, and thus relatively less construction; the bottom of the three-dimensional warehouse is mainly used for the old library transformation is to improve the old library technology and capacity of the feasible way; Mostly in the middle of the three-dimensional warehouse.

2, according to the shelf structure classification: divided into single-volume format three-dimensional warehouse, through the three-dimensional warehouse, automated warehouse-style warehouse, strip shelf three-dimensional warehouse

3, according to the building structure classification: divided into one type of three-dimensional warehouse, separate three-dimensional warehouse