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Storage House Commodity Circulation
- Jun 21, 2017 -

Storage House Commodity circulation

By use

In accordance with the warehouse in the circulation of goods played the role can be divided into the following:

(1) wholesale warehouse

Wholesale warehouses are mainly used to store from the procurement supply market transfer or purchase in the local goods, this type of warehouse is generally close to the commodity sales market, the size of the supply and supply warehouse compared to the general to be smaller, thallium is engaged in wholesale supply, Also engaged in demolition of zero supply business.

(2) procurement supply warehouse

Procurement Supply Warehouse is mainly used for centralized storage from the production sector and for the international import and export of goods, the general category of this warehouse is located in the production of goods more concentrated in the city, or commodity transport hub location.

(3) processing warehouse

In front of the function of the warehouse has been said after the warehouse processing delay function, generally have the product processing capacity of the warehouse has become a processing warehouse.

(4) transit warehouse

The transit warehouse is in the middle of the cargo transportation system and stores the goods waiting for transhipment. The general cargo is only temporarily parked here. This type of warehouse is usually located near the port of the highway, railway station and waterway to facilitate the goods Waiting for shipment here.

(5) retail warehouses

Retail warehouses are mainly used for short-term storage of commercial retail, generally provide store sales, retail warehouses smaller, the storage of goods turnover faster.

(6) reserve warehouse

Such warehouses are generally set by the state to keep the state's emergency reserves and combat readiness. The storage of goods in such a warehouse is generally longer and the stored material is regularly updated to ensure the quality of the material.

(7) bonded warehouse

Bonded warehouses refer to the needs of international trade, set up in the territory of a country, but in the customs customs outside the warehouse. Foreign goods can be tax-free access to such warehouses and customs declaration procedures, and after approval, you can in the bonded warehouse for processing of goods, storage and so on.

According to the cargo characteristics

(1) raw material warehouse: raw material warehouse is used to store the raw materials used in production, such warehouses are generally larger.

(2) product warehouse: product warehouse is the role of storage has been completed products, but these products have not yet entered the circulation area, this warehouse is generally attached to the production plant.

(3) cold storage: it is used to store those who need to carry out cold storage of goods, generally mostly agricultural and sideline products, drugs and so on for the storage temperature requirements of the items.