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Prefab House Stitching
- Sep 30, 2017 -

Prefab House Stitching

Today's prefabricated houses have a variety of uses, the most commonly used as temporary housing and office, no matter what kind of use for prefabricated houses are no less, compared to the traditional use of traditional houses have a lot of advantages, the following Take it as a temporary housing as an example.

Prefabricated houses are usually stitched, so it is generally more compact, but the internal pattern is still so elegant and generous, mainly to see how you arrange your home facilities and so on, such as TV, sofa, wardrobe , The bed and so on is how to arrange, arrange reasonable there will be a lot of space, then there is when you design how to arrange the role of each room, such as the room is the kitchen is the bedroom living room, design, etc., you will He is full of praise, reasonable layout design will bring a different effect, so as long as the quality of prefabricated house house is guaranteed its design is in accordance with your wishes, this is no need to worry about the problem, in the use of , Because the prefabricated house is stitching the house so moving more convenient, so if you need to move on the special easy, can be split into each box to move, without the need to move out of the home facilities, in environmental protection it is also very Dominant, it can be recycled, so the cost and the environment have been affirmed.

Now the real estate after continuous innovation and development, in the ever-changing, whether it is its internal structure or its use of the advantages, which are being step by step affirmation, accepted, like, this is the prefabricated The value of housing, the future market value is immeasurable.

We are now living in the food and clothing environment, but including China also use many countries, many areas of people have no stable house to live, not only poverty, but also with the difficulties caused by natural disasters, these places tend to have Container house. Standard container

First, the container ready-made unit module for the temporary construction to provide the most simple and reliable, and can be mass production of the rugged construction of the basic layout of the unit.

Second, the container can be reused as much as possible. Will be rebuilt when the completion of the temporary construction of the residents to return to their hometown, the container can still return to the terminal for freight, that is fundamentally there is no waste of resources, not to consider the temporary construction of abandoned The recycling of the waste material brought about by the destruction of this critical cost. Therefore, this method to remove the container installation and transportation costs, the temporary construction of the main body of the layout of the price is almost zero.

Third, the size of the same container specifications. As a result of the international smooth operation of the scale of industrial transport, the four corners have hanging parts, so all the international community to provide the construction of lifting technology and equipment can be temporarily built in the post-disaster construction process, without the need to develop the appropriate rules and technology Equipment support, throttle construction of key research and development process.