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Prefab House Living Container
- Sep 14, 2017 -

Prefab House Living container

Multi-use of containers

When I mentioned the multi-purpose container, you would think that I would like to say that the container is more used for shipping, land transportation, air transportation and so on. Otherwise, what I want to say is that it has nothing to do with transportation.

The container is used for transportation, which I knew very well, but the container houses were only recognized last year. What I know first is not the ordinary container activity room, but the container house villa type; After a period of understanding, I can't see the future of domestic container houses, although I am longing for it. Later, I turned my attention to the container itself and learned about the types of containers and so on. And there's a lot of interesting things going on, all about the container.

The versatility of the container is not in the transportation but in the living, storage, etc., which are all in the category of the container. I can't classify it clearly. The use of containers in these places shows its wide use; I think we'll just walk down the street. I'll just say a couple of things. Maybe I'll start off with a couple of things.

The container activity room and the people's container on the construction site, I think we should not be strangers. I had seen work tents before, and now many have been replaced. The police office on the side of the road, I think the container changed, and the roadside public toilets. Let's think about the street shop. Is there a container too? I'm not going to talk about it anymore. I think I just said a small part of the container.

The container jumped out of the transportation system and didn't mean that it would have nothing to do with it. We saw that it was a multi-purpose container. Container house villas, container house seaview room of this kind of person is probably won't such treatment, and I don't believe that they are composed of waste containers, are likely to be a new container, since such cost itself is relatively high; In addition, don't forget the luxury of their own, how can they not get daily maintenance?

About the daily maintenance of one container, do it or does not reach the designated position, I would like to have their own reasons, considering various factors, may not importune what, but I just want to say: how are you for it, it should be how to you!