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Prefab House Installation Is Quick And Easy
- Jul 28, 2017 -

Prefab House Installation is quick and easy

Light steel composite housing with the installation of fast and easy, reusable, environmentally friendly and efficient, more cost-effective features, wide

Widely used in temporary construction site, exhibition, tourist area hotel and villa, disaster relief housing, field work space

And the military field, can be used as a conference room, office, canteens, dormitories, kiosks, factories, bathrooms and so on.

Its salient features are as follows:

1, the use of bolts to connect the activities of a strong removable migration restructuring more than 10 times, the overall life of about 10 years.

2, the standard general, the production of installation period is short, in the disassembly process can be based on the needs of customers and then when the turnover can not change the original material of any summer to reduce or increase the number of rooms.

3, the price is reasonable, one-time investment, re-use value is high, the use of low cost

4, the use of a wide range, can be applied to the construction site of the dormitory, school dormitories, field work space, emergency shelter, construction temporary space and all kinds of roof plus layer.

First of all as a user must comply with the use of light steel room standards, can not arbitrarily change the structure of the house, such as not to remove any bolt components, shall not increase or decrease the wall. If you really want to change, it is best to contact manufacturers to rectification, so that more security.

  As a temporary representative of one of the temporary use of light steel room should pay attention to the use of appropriate maintenance instructions. Here let from the prefabricated housing for you to introduce light steel room maintenance instructions.

    1. Wire layout should be reasonable, light steel flow of the whole structure of the steel structure, the user layout of electrical lighting equipment, wires can not be directly tied to the steel structure, should be set up line or trunking isolation installation, so as to avoid electric shock.

   2. Regular maintenance, light steel structure should be 1-2 years in the maintenance of paint once, to extend the life of this product and maintain a beautiful.

 The purchase of light steel room is the same, but the use of the latter effect depends on the user to maintain their own, do the basic maintenance, to be able to extend its service life.

1, single slope color steel bungalow, single slope color steel building

2, double slope color steel cottage, double slope color steel building

3, four slope five ridge color steel cottage, four slope five ridge color steel building

4, single slope combination of cottage, single slope modular building

5, double slope combination of cottage, double slope combination building

6, four slope five ridge combination cottage, four slope five ridge combination building

7, single slope emblem sent color steel cottage, single slope emblem sent color steel building

8, double slope emblem sent color steel cottage, double slope emblem sent color steel building

9, metal carved board cottage, metal carved board building

10, fixed container, folding container (including cottage, building)

11, mobile guard (with styling)