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Prefab House Free Set
- Aug 25, 2017 -

Prefab House Free set

Container style You are free to set: the indoor style of the house we can control, but the layout of the room probably only prefabricated housing can be free to set. You can arbitrarily placed the location of the container, framed a different form, of course, must also be in the security range. Mobile house

For the need to use prefabricated houses to do personal housing, villas, hotels and other purposes of the customer, for the prefabricated housing style, decoration and other aspects of more requirements, the need for more professional design, manufacture and decoration. This requirement is difficult for a single manufacturer to achieve, most of the manufacturers generally do not have the relevant talent pool, the need for relevant professionals to assist in the design, manufacture and decoration, so that the design, manufacture and decoration costs Than ordinary prefabricated housing is much higher, the overall price is relatively high down. If you can unite, hire the relevant personnel, several factories together to share the cost of labor, so that these factories are able to take over such projects, design, manufacture and decoration more upscale luxury prefabricated housing products, used to do personal housing, Villas, hotels and more exquisite luxury housing construction. This prefabricated housing product has the advantage of being easy to move compared to ordinary commercial housing. It can be moved to other places, it is very suitable for short-term use of housing construction, and can be fixed as a personal housing, villa, hotel and so on for a long time. The

Prefabricated houses the most rare advantage is a high degree of plasticity, once the completion of commercial housing will not be changed, prefabricated housing is not the same, anytime, anywhere because of you and change.

1, if you are because the home network housing area is small, for the expansion of living space, the construction of the activities of the privacy requirements of high economic level can choose the lower insulation board roof, plastic window plus insulation wall for the surrounding maintenance products. Such products are not strictly in the sense of the sun room, but the price is low, economical and practical. The disadvantage is poor lighting, ventilation in general. Such as the addition of skylights will have a greater improvement.