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Prefab House Can Be Used Again
- Sep 26, 2017 -

Prefab House Can be used again

What is the concept of prefabricated housing? I think it should be and container housing, container housing villas and other living containers is a concept; for this, I got some relevant information to understand, although not explicitly say such a sentence, but I have To determine their own understanding.

3, wind, shock; 4, the outer wall of steel, corrosion resistance and acidity, the service life of the use of prefabricated housing, the use of prefabricated housing, More than 20 years; 5, the appearance of diverse, beautiful; 6, low cost; 8, can be stacked use ... ...

The above is some of the advantages of prefabricated housing, which is and I understand the container activity room is basically a concept; However, the concept of such a module is more appropriate, but also let me think of the Russian box.

When I was looking at the container module room, I also saw some plans, they are very beautiful; they in the container creativity, container booths, container housing design into a lot of manpower and resources to look forward to a good response in the market. I think we have seen the efforts of these enterprises, but in the implementation of domestic prefabricated housing has an insurmountable obstacles; I hope that the major advantages of prefabricated housing to impress the relevant departments to make some adjustments, so that a healthy development of the market The How can the benefits of living containers be used?

How can the benefits of living containers be used? This problem has been entangled with me, because the domestic basically do not give it the opportunity to show, even if there is only formal, for now there is no possibility of universal. On this issue I mentioned more than once, I have repeatedly found the relevant information, it broke all the fantasy before me. During this period, I have been concerned about the people who caught the container, the most promising is its green and environmental protection. Of course, far more than that, I also do not accept such a way to live can replace the traditional way of living, but hope that it can have its useless, I think the site of the container activity room has been fully revealed.