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Live Container Lift Boom
- Dec 15, 2016 -

The application of people 's containers has gradually deepened into people' s life. All kinds of people 's containers have appeared in residential areas nearby, so that people can get close contact with these people' s containers and better understand the characteristics of people 's containers.

At present, the majority of residential containers are used in construction sites, and now the city gradually accelerated construction, many construction sites are located in the city periphery, in the development and construction of the surrounding roads and houses, people in these areas are still relatively Few people live for these people do not have much concern about the container. For some people living in the city, the city where the people are living in the assembly of people living in the city inside the container, the people of these places for people living in their side of the container more curious, but also want to know more about This emerging temporary housing.