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Light Steel Frame Houses Major Advantages
- Jul 13, 2017 -

Light Steel Frame Houses major advantages

Light steel structure houses have six major advantages:

Light steel structure residential products in its life cycle, the efficiency of energy use is still relatively high, the end of the product in the use of the demolition is still a large number of materials and parts can be recycled, and not produce a large number of construction waste, light steel structure Residential production methods to make the construction process and the final product more environmentally friendly, more rational use of resources.

It can save resources to protect the environment, but also the country to promote the construction of industrial and residential industrialization project construction of the basic national policy. Light steel structure residential is a green building structure system, in the promotion of green building, green design and green construction at the same time on the building system, structural system, construction equipment, its emergence will be in China's construction industry trends. First, the sustainable ecological strengths. Sustainability is one of the most obvious points of modular housing compared to traditional housing construction. The concentrated production in the construction process also makes the construction energy consumption lower than the traditional manual mode. The industrialized production changes the curing mode of the concrete components and realizes the recycling of the water for conservation. The factory centralized production reduces the loss of the building material. The construction of the way to reduce the loss of construction materials; site assembly compared to the traditional construction methods, to a large extent reduce the production of construction waste, construction waste discharge, construction noise interference, harmful gases and dust emissions The

Second, energy-saving advantages. Modular building design using a reasonable window wall ratio, the envelope structure using high-quality thermal insulation composite wall panels, isolated from the thermal bridge, than the existing similar reinforced concrete building structure energy consumption has been greatly reduced. As the composite wall panels have a high density, high thermal inertia indicators, insulation, sound insulation performance is also good, its energy saving targets to achieve more than 65% energy saving requirements, and four steps to the development of energy requirements. At the same time, modular housing construction can be combined into a variety of architectural plane and facade form, nice, for human habitation, office and so provide a very comfortable human environment.

Third, the advantages of seismic performance. Steel structure module residential building structure generally use steel frame or steel frame - support structure system. For high-rise buildings, the use of energy-saving shock support structure system, high structural capacity of steel, ductility is good, and the connection node is reliable, even under the action of a large earthquake can also be achieved by the general maintenance can continue to use the performance goals, Its seismic performance is much higher than the cast-in-place or assembled reinforced concrete structure, to ensure that people's lives and property safety.

 Fourth, anti-leakage and sound insulation and other physical properties of building advantages. As a result of the use of high-quality composite wall panels and has a good ductility, can be well adapted to the overall structure due to a variety of different load generated deformation, to ensure that the external walls do not crack; for seams, in addition to sealant In addition, in the back side of the induced water hole, so that seepage may occur in the seepage of water leakage induced to the water hole to ensure that the watertight structure of the envelope requirements, the bathroom with good water barrier properties of flexible materials, put an end to the phenomenon of leakage , To create a comfortable and clean bathroom.

Fifth, the construction efficiency and construction quality advantages. As more than 95% of the module building work in the factory to complete, not seasonal or environmental impact, and the production and assembly of the module elements are completed in the production line, high degree of mechanization, high efficiency, the use of mechanical lifting machinery, The According to the relevant experience of the United Kingdom and the United States, a 10,000 square meters of high-rise steel structure residential building in the scene only one crane and more than 10 workers within 4 months to complete the installation; and ordinary cast-in-place reinforced concrete construction The cycle is generally more than 1 year and a half, even if the use of beams, columns, plate components, assembly or large board building building also need more than 1 year. In contrast, the steel construction module construction speed than the above two construction methods were increased by two to three times, we can see, the construction efficiency is unprecedented. In addition, the modules are built in the factory, including steel processing, welding frame, assembly wall panels and electrical plumbing equipment in the factory floor production line, high precision, and effective quality control, therefore, the construction of modular construction The quality is much higher than the ordinary site construction of the open-air construction.

    Sixth, save the material and reduce the cost of the advantages. Steel structure module building a high degree of standardization, reducing the consumption of materials, scrap in the workshop easy to recycling, to avoid the ordinary cast steel construction site construction waste phenomenon. Taking into account the use of industrial waste. Although the construction of steel structure is slightly higher than that of ordinary reinforced concrete building, the construction cost is high, but the structure is light weight, which reduces the cost of foundation treatment, and the recyclable materials are more used to reduce the waste of raw materials. Is to shorten the construction period, reducing the site construction personnel, reducing the construction costs, capital return fast. By comprehensive comparison, the construction cost can be flat with ordinary reinforced concrete building structure, is economically reasonable.