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Expandable House The Use Of It Is Becoming More And More Widespread
- Sep 04, 2017 -

Expandable House The use of it is becoming more and more widespread

With the development of the construction industry in recent years, the use of expanding houses has become more and more extensive. It is not only the temporary housing on the construction site, but also more and more into the people's home life. In the face of high prices, many ordinary citizens have to choose to live in this new and high-end living room.

Usually work walk outside if you are working, it is not difficult to see, in many of the sites and street, can see the advertisement of extensible house leasing and construction, under a lot of sites and elevated, each one can be extended in house can be seen, some used for warehouse, some used to live, bathroom furniture in houses facilities are readily available, life is very convenient, the most important thing is whether to lease or buy whole, this kind of house is a lot cheaper than the high house prices; In some construction sites, in order to improve the living conditions of the workers, the house also replaced the original crude prefabricated houses, more hair reflects China's construction industry at the same time, more show the along with economic development, the living conditions of the working class also gradually improve, at the site can also live a well-off life, an important security to the body.

Extensible house is the success of the industry pioneer, attracted more and more people put money into extensible house industry, a lot of the original manufacturer of prefabricated houses also began to produce extensible and adjust production in the direction of the house. At the same time, also have more other capital began to flow to the extensible house industry, a large number of new extensible houses manufacturers began to appear in cities, for different cities extensible house industry development to provide a steady stream of financial support. The extendable houses are all made of steel materials, so there is good resistance to earthquake resistance and deformation resistance. The invention and use of expandable houses greatly improved the development of the transportation industry. If the container itself is not full enough, the adoption rate of containers will be less. So how do you increase container load?

When a certain container is selected for carrying, the carrier space has been determined. When the packing method of some goods is determined, the volume of the boxes should be roughly determined. How can you improve the maximum load of the container? We think we must meet the two premises: first, the packing case should be packed in as many items as possible. Secondly, containers should be packed in as many boxes as possible. In view of the above problems, the expansion of the house has been accumulated through its own experience. The goods are measured. The goods are packed in, and are squeezed so that the actual volume of the goods can be measured. After the measure of good items in the actual volume of goods need to change the stacking method, can be measured differences form a number of actual volume to identify with the container of the packing thickness differences can obtain relevant volume, packing and identify these boxes are accounting, can get the packing number differences, it is not hard to choose the appropriate box to loading container. Also can according to demand, carry out body adjustment, improvement box shape.