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Expandable House Ground Fixed
- Aug 10, 2017 -

Expandable House Ground fixed

So what do you need to pay attention to when using a professional, scalable house?

First, pay attention to fire. As the expansion of the house is mainly made of foam color plate, in use to prevent accidents in the fire need to strictly do a good job of fire prevention measures not only to close the wall near the expansion of the wall near the construction, and in the cold winter season Should also be installed fire protection devices, while in some need to do waterproof processing of the expansion of the house should also be prohibited in the use of materials on the material burner and indoor wiring should be used to lay the ground or refractory material pipe.

Second, the ground fixed. In view of the fact that the weight of the color steel sheet used in the expandable house is lighter than that of the whole steel structure, in order to avoid the danger of wind blowing when the wind is large, it should be fixed when building a scalable house At the bottom of the device, thereby enhancing the ability to defend against the wind and can reduce the damage to the housing due to the typhoon natural disaster.

Third, the construction is strictly prohibited more than two or more. As the main material of the expandable house is lighter, it is necessary to reduce the occurrence of safety hazards and to make it more convenient to save labor expenses during the construction of the combination or in the process of dismantling.

The container module housing is a housing model that can be spliced alone and can be placed independently or in combination for temporary housing construction. Cost-effective container module housing at the same time, according to the changes in the land to make timely, random assembly, the restrictions on the construction site can make a corresponding improvement or remediation, become the best place for temporary accommodation The It is also the uniqueness of these performance characteristics, so some elements should be taken into account when selecting a containerized module house.

First, it is essential to the container module housing purchase, rent before the exchange and inspection. Because of the current container module housing there are several kinds of splicing technology differentiated products, due to the different skills, so its field effect, price location, application performance are different, need to be based on conditions, demand and container module business to make a comprehensive communication, A detailed understanding of its main unit information, and then for the purchase or lease options.

The second is to choose a reputable container module housing professional company. Because the container module is set to high-tech, large volume of container products, for the optimization of the use of such as good market reputation, the skills of advanced container module manufacturers, once the assembly, configuration and other problems, you can quickly get template suppliers After-sales maintenance protection.