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Container House Strong And Sturdy
- Sep 26, 2017 -

Container House strong and sturdy

Advantages of container houses:

First, easy to transport, especially for the frequent replacement of construction units;

Second, durable, all composed of steel, with a strong anti-seismic, anti-deformation ability;

Third, the sealing performance is good, strict manufacturing process so that this activity room has a good watertight;

Fourth, the activity room based on the standard steel chassis above, you can derive a lot of combination of space. Such as conference rooms, dormitories, kitchens, toilets and so on. Standard width of 2.4 meters, height of 2.2 meters, the length of 4 meters to 12 meters.

5, easy disassembly, superior performance, stable and solid, good shock performance, waterproof fire anti-corrosion, light weight. Housing for the overall structure, there are frames, the wall for the steel plate, available wood veneer, the overall migration, the service life of up to 20 years.

China's integrated residential market is huge, since the reform and opening up China's rapid economic development, large-scale urbanization is underway, this process will continue for 20 to 30 years. During this period, a variety of industries in various fields are in a high stage of development, in the construction of a large number of permanent buildings, structures and road bridges and other transport facilities in the construction process and the future use of the process requires a large number of temporary buildings and their supporting, In addition, in the long-term need for field work, open-air industry, in the emergency needs, disaster relief, in the tourism, holiday peak flow needs to meet the different requirements of temporary housing. Therefore, all kinds of temporary buildings came into being. With the improvement of the times, the improvement of working conditions and the need of building a harmonious society, the state has a high demand for the safety, application and improvement of the temporary buildings. The dismantled container house is used as a temporary building in many construction sites. At the same time, with the improvement of design and manufacturing level, the safety and comfort of the living room are gradually improved, and the concept of the use of removable container activities Gradually get the community's recognition, the utilization rate greatly improved. Therefore, China's removable container room has maintained a strong long-term market demand, the process is expected to continue for a long time. The rise of industrial homes is from the 1930s in the United States of industrial housing started, initially as a branch of the garage business exists. After 180 years of development, is now on a global scale, with a variety of market applications and forms in the development. Europe and the United States and the Japanese market are experiencing the number and quality of the transformation process, the scale of development and industry concentration have reached a high level, the leasing business is huge, and highly integrated, high comfort box-type combination of housing dominated.