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Container House Strength Is Bigger
- Sep 14, 2017 -

Container House Strength is bigger

Focus on containers, used containers, container industries, container houses and, more recently, container leasing; After this series, I realized that my understanding of the container was just a fur. I've seen almost all of the container's exterior, and as to what the container is making, I haven't looked at it carefully.

I have found relevant information, in the information about the container making materials about three kinds of materials: aluminum alloy, steel, fiberglass. This should be our common three kinds. In fact, there are many kinds of containers which are not introduced. I still have seen the most wooden containers, but I don't know if it is used widely.

I would like to briefly introduce these three common container materials.

The advantages of aluminum alloy are light weight, beautiful appearance, excellent corrosion resistance and elasticity, long service life, etc. The disadvantage of aluminum alloy container is relatively high cost, in welding respect also somewhat ask is, still can accept.

The container with strong strength, strong structure and good welding nature is made of steel, and its water tightness is good, and the price is relatively low. Poor corrosion and heavy weight are the only drawbacks.

Container glass steel is a common, its advantages: strength, good rigidity, large content, heat insulation, anticorrosion, chemical resistance is very good, also very good cleaning, repair rise very convenient also. I think this is a very satisfied with the material, but also has some disadvantages, experts said: the container weight is bigger, also easy to aging, especially it can reduce the intensity of screw bolt; However, there are still a lot of containers to choose such a material, the reason is its advantages, as for the shortcomings also in the best efforts to overcome.

What is the production material of the container? I can't go through all of them, but these are common ones. As for the container of other materials, I will mention them one by one in the future introduction. I hope you will pay more attention!