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Container House Main Material
- Jul 13, 2017 -

Container House Main material

In recent years, the activities of the board room has become the most widely used in a class of buildings, and people demand for the activities of the board room is also a daily surge in the demand for the activities of the board room is increasing daily, this time in Japan Earthquake is to the activities of the board room market has increased a tipping point. But although the activities of the board room market is in a hot period, but for the activities of the board of raw materials we need to pay attention to what?

As we all know, the main material of the activities of the board is the color plate, but the current domestic color plate market is a bit uneven, the difference between the quality of the material is very different, so in the procurement, we first need to pay attention to some more formal professional manufacturers Procurement, and secondly, in order to activities board room safety factors, we try to use a better flame retardant building materials, such as rock wool color plate, in addition to the activities of the board room to consider a corrosion resistance, heat insulation and other effects. Color steel plate is a kind of light steel as the skeleton to sandwich panels for the envelope material, the standard modular series of space together, the components of the bolt connection, the new concept of eco-economic activities of the board housing. Can be quickly and easily assembled and demolished, to achieve the temporary standardization of temporary buildings, and establish a green energy-saving, efficient and efficient architectural concept, so that temporary housing into a series of development, integrated production, supporting the supply, Many times the use of stereotypes of the product area.

Color steel plate activities advantages: steel structure can be built for 60-240 square meters, indoor for the staircase, health clean, indoor facilities, activities, nice appearance, innovative design, refined and elegant, energy saving and environmental protection, good insulation properties , Warm and cool summer, anti-earthquake typhoon, living comfortable and warm, the activities of the room according to customer requirements for the design and installation, it is stable, long life, not only has the value of the use of more ornamental value, Natural experience, the real experience of the European romantic life, is the family travel, resort, villa villa, entertainment choice. The activities of the room is light steel structure, the wall with color steel cladding polyethylene foam sandwich composite panel product size, space interval may need to use the cycle of up to 10-20 years insulation of the heat, nice appearance, indoor Can be used for decorative ceiling treatment.

1, color steel room if you choose polystyrene sandwich board so it is necessary to pay attention to fire. For example: not close to the wall for welding construction, winter heating stove probably installed fire protection equipment, indoor wiring laying about the use of metal pipe, metal pipe should be firmly grounded or selected refractory information management needs through the wall should also be added Casing protection, the need for waterproofing of the roof to prohibit the use of materials in the torch! In the open space of the roof tile tile less than 0.6 mm when the house probably installed lightning rod.

2, color board activities room should pay attention to wind. Color board activity room light weight simple layout of the wind can be weak, in order to improve the wind in order to please customers try to select the norms of the activities of the manufacturers, do not just cheap and left behind. On the already installed without the ability to wind the board room customers on the roof along the length of the board in the direction of the front and rear wall of the top of the wall with a fixed 4 × 4 angle and other ways to make up.