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Container House Green Building Standards
- Jun 30, 2017 -

Container House Green building standards

Integrated housing as the most commonly used equipment in the modern transportation industry, has been more and more applied to other aspects of its use of environmentally friendly materials and energy-saving technology applications, so that integrated housing into a green building representative building. Will also become the future direction of development of housing. So how do we choose the best integrated house?

It is recommended to choose steel houses. Integrated housing in the market can be divided into two categories: one is the huts, the other is the steel structure housing.

Although the wooden house in a sense is "green building", but it uses the timber will decide that it will waste a lot of forest resources, and like mildew and insects these two defects almost impossible to avoid. The steel structure compared with other construction, in use, design, construction and comprehensive economic aspects have advantages, low cost, can move at any time. Its thermal insulation performance, high seismic strength, but also reduce the energy consumption of 50%, and do not worry about mildew and moth problem.

But also in the choice of housing box, pay attention to quality, and relatively speaking, the insulation effect of poor noise, live up will be very uncomfortable, and because of its special material, decoration will be more than the average house trouble , Because it is steel, and all the steel, like a long time will rust, which requires maintenance, and even if the maintenance, practical time will not be very long, generally need to replace a few years, and the internal are taken Painted in the form of good winter, summer one, under the sun, will emit a strong lacquer taste, causing harm to the human body, and these housing boxes, generally appear on the site more, living environment is simple, suitable for Short-term construction to workers temporarily live, do not recommend long-term living inside. Easy to disassemble.

 Integrated housing can meet the green building standards, the main reasons are: the use of environmentally friendly building materials, the second is through a professional design, the housing of the various components of the scientific combination of the final to achieve the energy efficiency of housing.

In the country in the development period, has been popular in foreign countries. This is the integration of housing, the appearance of elegant and generous, affordable, more people appreciate is in this beautiful appearance, the internal structure is also very strong, excellent seismic performance, and particularly moisture. So, the following Xiaobian to introduce the performance characteristics of integrated housing it?

1, the advantages of light steel structure. All components can be made by the factory stitching installation, construction speed, shorten the duration. And seismic performance is good, is conducive to environmental protection. Light steel structure integrated housing and the current commonly used concrete structure compared to: First, dry construction, water conservation, construction covers an area of less noise, less dust; Second, due to weight loss, the basic construction of less soil , The destruction of the valuable resources of the land; third is to reduce the use of concrete and brick; Fourth, the construction life expires, the structure of the solid waste generated less, scrap can be recycled.

2, honeycomb core structure ecological combination of assembled integrated housing. With fire, insulation, insulation, noise, waterproof and other system advantages. Indoor space can be adjusted, the actual use of integrated housing built area than the brick structure of more than 10%. The characteristics of the wall to ensure that under different environmental conditions can maintain good stability, thus ensuring the wall surface is flat, no deformation, the wall is not split.

3, integrated energy-saving housing, energy efficient central air conditioning and ventilation system to ensure the stability of indoor temperature and humidity, high insulation and high air tightness to increase housing comfort and reduce energy consumption has laid a solid foundation, Hunan Green wide The insulation material and the double-layer insulating glass in the interior wall make the insulation, heat insulation and sound insulation excellent. Than ordinary brick and concrete housing can reduce the cost of one-third to half of the energy. Even in the winter for a long time uninhabited, but also through heating in a very short period of time to achieve the appropriate living temperature; generally we can see the construction site or holiday area, can see their trace, or very energy efficient The.

4, integrated housing moisture and shock resistance, integrated housing walls and roofs with ventilation layer, the use of air density and temperature difference to form a natural wind effect. Composite enclosed structure within the single-sided breathable layer, so that the wall and roof with "breathing" function. That indoor moisture can be discharged to the outside, but the outdoor moisture can not enter the room. Integrated housing is not strong, light quality, but this is often its characteristics. The structure of the integrated housing is very good, light steel ribbed beam column by the bolt, screw flexible connection, so that the effective absorption of seismic energy, the wall and the foundation set up the pull, cut the connection, and the integrated housing overall quality light, Only the quality of traditional concrete housing 1/6, so the seismic performance is better than concrete housing!