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Container House Good Sealing Performance
- Aug 25, 2017 -

Container House Good sealing performance

Container housing villas, container sea view room, etc. I have some understanding, I also first from these high-end housing containers to understand the container housing, but I am only in a theoretical understanding, but also in some newspapers, the news And so on to see the information on this type of container housing and pictures, I did not really touched. I can contact is the site of these residents of the container, and they are relatively easy to build, the use of abandoned containers or second-hand containers or something, which can be considered waste recycling, not to mention it will not produce construction waste, which is Very useful for environmental protection, so I very much support the use of containers in this area, that is, container housing does not apply to the normal residence, which involves China's basic national conditions, on this point the country can not change, but the container housing The characteristics of the relevant departments hope that attention, which is not only conducive to the development of container housing industry, but also very conducive to environmental protection and so on.

There are many characteristics of container houses, which is why many places have chosen to use second-hand container to build housing reasons. On the characteristics of the container housing, that is, its benefits, I find out five points: First, the transport is convenient, especially for the frequent replacement of the construction point of the unit; Second, durable, all composed of steel, with a strong earthquake, Deformation capacity; Third, the sealing performance is good, strict manufacturing process so that this room has a good watertight; four, based on the standard steel chassis above, you can derive a lot of combined space. Such as conference rooms, dormitories, kitchens, toilets and so on. Standard width of 2.4 meters, height of 2.2 meters, the length of 4 meters to 12 meters. 5, easy disassembly, superior performance, stable and solid, good shock performance, waterproof fire corrosion, light weight. Housing for the overall structure, there are frames, the wall for the steel plate, available wood panels, the overall migration, the service life of up to 20 years.

The characteristics of the container house is that I picked out from the professional introduction, written very simple and very well prepared, I understand the container housing is not too much, after all, they are not engaged in this industry, but from the professional people there Get a lot of knowledge about them, we can see through the characteristics of container houses.