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Container House Easy To Build
- Oct 27, 2017 -

Container House Easy to build

Container activity room in recent years, a wide range of applications, low cost, easy to build it quickly become a national city of the new building signs.

Container activity room is the first site manufacturers activities of an upgrade product, many people mistakenly believe that the container activity room is used to transport the goods loaded metal box, it is not true, the tin box is too environmentally friendly and can not be used, the resources are too wasteful. The container activity room is widely used as a temporary accommodation for workers on the site, which is easy to use, move and recover anytime, anywhere, economical, fast and efficient. The survey shows that the container activity room is popular, the price accounted for most of the advantages, compared to the original simple shed and temporary Caigang activity room more comfortable, and this house which can install a number of living facilities, such as hydropower and other Class furniture and other facilities, to the people who provide the greatest convenience, with the same commodity house. Another feature is that, for example, a construction period is very short, if the end of the day, then in time to move the house to other sites up, very save time, work more efficient.

These containers are the only regret that, especially in China, if not used on the site, private use must have land, otherwise it will be regarded as illegal construction, in foreign countries, because of national policy relations, container activity room The usage rate will be higher. Green and energy-efficient container activity room is the trend of modern life, with the improvement of living standards, people's life eager to see the green and become more beautiful.

The house is the necessities of life, when people's quality of life requirements are getting higher and higher, the shape of the housing and the decoration has become harsh up, the container activity room because of its fast construction, solid structure and mobile and so on, Favored by most people, especially young people abroad, so the foreign Katie Nickles and John Walter with the architect Christopher Robertson together to design and build a lovely container house, is composed of four container activities Room composition. It is located in the outskirts of downtown Houston, which is a very inspiring project. Three of them are 40 feet tall, shaped like a multidimensional dataset, there are two places for living to eat and sleep, and the other is slightly raised, as the guest's hut, the last container activity room is a 20-foot standard , As a kitchen.

The facilities are complete, people live in there is a warm feeling of home, very admire these designers, but also feel the role of today's container activity room.