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Container House Design Aesthetic Low Cost
- Aug 10, 2017 -

Container House design aesthetic low cost

Container room with a unique performance advantage in our side, by the majority of people love and have chosen to professional manufacturers to customize the exclusive container for the public life of all aspects of service. The following concerns about the reasons why consumers are concerned about the reasons why consumers are concerned about the following simple explanation.

1, safe and reliable performance

Professional container room can be customized according to customer needs, the box material performance is good, both energy saving and environmental protection can ensure that the strong structure of the box, even if encountered bad weather conditions (wind and rain, lightning, high temperature), but also to ensure good The structure will not collapse phenomenon and high temperature performance, even if the summer life will not feel very hot inside.

2, the project production cycle is short, the use of a long period

Real-time measurement of container room at the site, the completion of the construction of the box into the use of the entire production cycle is very short (more traditional housing construction) and in the use and the normal construction of the same convenience as housing. And the container room in the use of a considerable period of time, or even up to 20 years.

3, design aesthetic, low cost

Container building in the construction of the container as the main material to be transformed into a system, the cost is very cheap, can help customers use cheap costs to earn high profits. And the container room of its design and color changes can be based on the aesthetic needs of customers for exclusive design.

The above is the container room more and more popular by the public several reasons. As the container room can follow the needs of people as a temporary residence of construction workers and can be used as a store to sell goods, the company plant, rental and other wide range of uses has become a favorite box of many people prefer. But the current market, many manufacturers of container manufacturers, so consumers must pay attention to the choice of the container room which good reputation and attention to the cost of comparison, through a number of contrast,

So, in the use of professional container board room need to pay attention to what matters?

First, pay attention to fire. As the container board is mainly made of foam color plate, in order to prevent the occurrence of fire accidents need to do a strict fire precautions not only close to the container board near the wall of the wall for welding construction, but also in the cold winter season Should be installed fire protection devices, while in some need to do waterproof handling of the container board room should also be prohibited in the use of materials on the material burner and indoor wiring should be used to lay the ground or fire-resistant material pipe.