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Container House Cold Insulation
- Sep 30, 2017 -

Container House Cold insulation

How about the feelings of a container house?

1, think about why the current housing prices so expensive, the most important reason is the land expensive Even if you buy a container as a house is to have a legitimate place to place, if there is place to place the activities of the room, then the container housing is a good choice.

2, the more common activities in the form of temporary housing room is not a long-term housing choice, this house is not very safe. The use of container conversion from the container activity room high degree of safety, but in the construction of the time to pay attention to cold insulation and noise, so as to ensure the future housing effect.

3, the overall structure of the container activity is a steel structure, so how much will bring trouble to the decoration, but this is also an important advantage of the container, in the temporary movement has a lot of advantages.

4, a number of container stitching up the container housing should pay attention to the link at the waterproof situation, the use of the process of maintenance, increase the service life.

5, the use of the outer container maintenance, pay attention to the choice of paint, low-quality paint will cause harm to the human body.

6, the choice of high-quality container housing manufacturers is very important, in terms of security, and there are circumstances will have a lot of help. Activities of the interior decoration should follow the simple and flexible decorative principles, the activities of the room as a temporary room, so the practicality is the primary choice, the activity room is supported by the steel skeleton, because the design has been the initial spatial division, common The activity room is 3K. Coupled with the smooth characteristics of the color plate itself, the activities of the board room do not like the usual living in our reinforced concrete housing, like the need for large-scale decoration, but in the process of living, or according to its architectural characteristics, follow the simple and flexible principles to transform Or decoration.

First of all, before the arrival of the professional staff should be the quality of the installation of the final test to ensure safety.

As the activities of the room are temporary office space, or workers of the temporary quarters, activities board room tables and chairs bench should also choose to moderate weight, easy to move the style, both conducive to the location of the adjustment process, and facilitate the relocation. Also do not in the activities of the board room ceiling, the wall to do too much decoration, such as for the beautiful, roof hanging heavier chandeliers, decorations, other facilities should also be as simple as possible. Also do not pull the cable. Keep the roof clean and tidy. Heating facilities should also be protected against contact with the walls of the activity room.