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Container House Anytime And Anywhere
- Sep 04, 2017 -

Container House Anytime and anywhere

Container houses in China

China container house, I more is seen on the site, also have seen some special place with the help of container houses, but the basic simple belong to the sort of, some structures, have a plenty of a whole container simple modification can be on. Such a container house can live or exist, but it is not legal for me to know these container activities, so I can only see it in some places. The container in China has been in China for many years. I have seen it, but I haven't noticed too much. After all these years, it is still a state that has not been developed.

Today, I saw an article, the title is called the container house in the United States, I have according to the article proposed such a title "China container house", this is in order to pass a comparison to make a brief introduction of China's container houses.

Appeared a kind of new homes in the United States, all the houses is composed of container, because the demand for affordable housing in the local people's territory, so in some cities such as Detroit and Seattle, creative people began to build houses built by container by now. Container, it is clear that the United States house of reason, which conforms to the actual situation of second-hand container reuse, however, in China is supposed to be, but always so difficult, because the container can't for no reason to stay in a land and by the people to live together. I think the Chinese people can live in containers, but there is no place to put containers in the container, which is related to China's policy. My first concern is not so simple to live that container, I first know what is the container houses, villas, all has nothing to do with economy applicable, so there is such a concept about container house, container house, again, is a kind of hit fashion trends of building system, can be moved to the country, anytime and anywhere to bring people a more convenient and comfortable life. Through solar photovoltaic panels for indoor use, solar water heaters can be used for heating, water supply, indoor showers, and domestic water emissions from sewage treatment systems for reuse. The size of containers can be made in different sizes depending on the number of people. It is no doubt that this affordable housing has become fashionable, and only the concept of fashion is sufficient for China's container houses to exist in China. About container for people in this matter, I think in China is more special, perhaps is reasonable, but there are some uncomfortable place, always let a person with the United States to make it that ACTS as a economy applicable room is completely different, China seems to be no need to this house, I began to think so, too, because I don't accept this way of living. We have to accept the frustration of life, and we have to accept this kind of living style. This kind of economic house can help many people, but Chinese people have no right to enjoy it.

China's container houses can be found on temporary occasions such as construction sites, but they are not suitable for normal residence. This is a basic state policy and we cannot change it at present.