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Container House Activities Room Is Also Different
- Jul 28, 2017 -

Container House Activities room is also different

Activities room is also different, and now we have to understand the next

First, the new light activity room

Second, the color plate activities room

The color plate activity is mainly suitable for use in the construction of the demand is smaller, intended for long-term use or short-term use of temporary housing lifting type group to move it. Its excellent unique place:

1, easy to move;

2, nice new and chic;

3, price concessions;

4, the use of durable;

5, energy saving and environmental protection;

6, thermal insulation.

Energy saving and environmental protection, thermal insulation is very good, stronger than the general activities of the room.

Third, the demolition of light housing

It is a kind of environmentally friendly commercial house with light steel as fan bone and composite warm board as enclosure material, and standard modular series of new combinations of space can be assembled and dismantled quickly and easily. Many times to use. This activity room has the following advantages:

1, the structure of solid: light steel flexible structure of the overall system, safe and reliable, Anhui activity board room to build the structure of the pre-specification requirements.

2, Jie dismantling: the house can be repeatedly disassembly, re-use. The installation process requires only a simple tool. Several people installed a few hundred square meters a day.

3, good decoration: good groups of buildings nice, bright color shiny, mild texture, flat surface, with a satisfactory decorative effect.

4, the layout of flexible: household lattice window can be set in the location you want, indoor partition you want to set how to set up. The stairs are set outdoors.

5, the structure of waterproof: the building that is appropriate to use the structure of waterproof preset, no need to do any waterproof treatment.

6, the use of long life: light steel structure are implemented anti-corrosion spray paint disposal, the normal use of life for up to 10 years.

7, energy saving and environmental protection: the house is reasonable and reasonable, easy disassembly, can be recycled several times, low rate of injury, not initiation of garbage. The average annual cost of use is much lower than that of other materials.

8, the specifications are diverse: the building that is suitable for the use of standardized components, width of 5 meters a little longer can be unlimited (according to customer requirements) widely used in roads, railways, construction and other field operations of temporary construction; , Economic activities and other temporary space, such as: temporary Anhui activities board room studio, exhibition room, headquarters, dormitory and temporary firms, temporary colleges, temporary hospitals, temporary parking, supermarkets and so on.

The choice of steel is to be satisfied with your wide range of needs to choose a reasonable span will enable you to minimize the input to achieve the maximum industrial performance.

Unique place: the structure is firm, good shape, short duration, economic and reasonable.

Use: Light steel structure construction Widely used in medical equipment, chemical industry, food, electronics, machinery and other industries large span workshop, warehouse, stadium, auditorium, waiting room, terminal, airport, work floor and so on.

The new type of steel structure is the third generation construction, which it thinks is appropriate to use the manufacture of H-shaped steel and thin-walled cold-formed C, Z-steel combination of Anhui movable board room into the construction of fan bones, roof and wall as appropriate to use color steel plate. In the developed countries has basically replaced the traditional reinforced concrete construction, with the overall light, saving the foundation, less materials, low cost, short working cycle, large span, safe and reliable, good shape and other advantages. Can be widely used in large-span industrial workshop, warehouse, cold storage, high-rise construction, work buildings, multi-storey parking lot and residential.