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Advantages Of Prefab Mobile House(1)
- Dec 20, 2017 -

High folding safety performance

Lida active board room is a new type of light steel composite board, with a reasonable mix of material and steel structure. It can achieve a very good security role, the specific data is more than 7 strong earthquakes and 12 typhoon resistance, and this is difficult for the general housing. Therefore, it is widely used in some earthquake stricken areas, such as the Wenchuan and Japan.

Low folding price

Activities of the lower cost of housing, because of some characteristics of real activity, compared with some brick houses, a cost which is very low, and can be recycled by the use of life is also relatively strong, according to statistics, a general activity room can be reused in the six times to and from. These data we also can understand that a comprehensive cost of housing activity is relatively high.