China Small Cheap Flat Pack Mobile Office Container House

China Small Cheap Flat Pack Mobile Office Container House

Plan: Photos: Characteristic: Our houses are widely used for accommodation, temporary offices, villas, warehouses, schools, shelters, guarding rooms, showrooms, bus stations, storage houses and so on. Good in quality and beautiful in design. Quick installation, easy disassembly and moving....

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Product Details


Specification3000×2000×2500(small office)
Roof/Bottomsteel sheet
Ceilingcolor-steel sandwich panel (50mm)
Wallboardsandwich pacolor-steel nel (50mm)
Door Framealuminum alloy frame
Doorcolor-steel sandwich panel door(50mm)
Windowplastic steel window with fly screen
FloorboardPVC covering floor or laminate flooring (can be chosen by customers)

the thickness of color-steel sandwich panel can be chosen by customers













Our houses are widely used for accommodation, temporary offices, villas, warehouses, schools, shelters, guarding rooms, showrooms, bus stations, storage houses and so on.

Good in quality and beautiful in design.

Quick installation, easy disassembly and moving.

Durability, elegance and safety.

Low repair and costs.

Heat and sound insulation, water and fire proofing.

The components of the house can be used repeatedly.

The hoisting method is simple, so it can be placed wherever you want, you also can use fork-lift truck to move it easily.

The span life of this house is over 20 years.

We can provide the service of installation by extra.




Company Information

Professional prefab house manufactory founded in 2004

Total gross floor area about 8000m2

Number of employees about 70.

Export-oriented factory





Our main production equipment:







(1) Structure is reliable!

Light steel structure system is safe, reliable and it's a kind of modern architecture concept. Earthquake proofing is grade 7.  Wind load is 110km/h.

(2) Easy assembly and disassembly!

The house can be assembled and disassembled many times and used repeatedly.

It just need some simple tools to install.

Each technician can assemble 20-30 square meters house everyday.

Six technicians could finish 300 square meters'  house within two days.

(3) Beautiful decoration!

This house with bright and bland color is beautiful and grace.

Flat and neat board can be decorated as you wishes.

(4) Flexible layout!

Doors and windows can be assembled in any position.

Partition wallboard can be assembled in any transverse axes sites.

If the house is two-storey or three-storey, stair should be assembled outside.

(5) Long using life!

Steel structure is very stable. The normal using age is more than 20 years.

(6) Environmental protection and economic!

The design of this house is reasonable, easy to assemle and disassemble,  used circularly, low wastage and without building rubbish.

Average using cost is less than other kinds of building annually.





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