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The Importance of Light Steel Buildings
- Dec 15, 2016 -

Housing from "construction" to "manufacturing" meaningful, "like the production of motor vehicles as housing," industrial production is the core of the housing industry. In 2003 China's first metal structure housing production line production, to achieve the dream of factory manufacturing housing. By means of modernization and industrialization of housing, the utilization of resources in the residential construction process can be more rational, with 83% reduction of waste on site, 60% reduction in material loss, 66% recyclable materials, more than 50% energy saving in buildings, and project development cycle From the traditional way of 20 months can be reduced to factory mode under the 5 months, 75% reduction, greatly shortening the residential construction cycle. Light steel house is such a "cow." In fact, out of the "steel" and "concrete" walls, light steel housing the most prominent significance is not only to improve people's housing to broaden the broader world, but also for the country's overall industrial layout and balance will play a regulatory and promotion effect. How to live and how to live in villages and towns directly related to the production and life of hundreds of millions of rural population and the safety of life, to achieve more comfortable and safer, so that farmers "home", is related to economic and social balance Development, but also related to the country's long-term stability.