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The Development Course of China 's Steel Building House
- Dec 15, 2016 -

The development of the steel structure of the house can be divided into four stages: the early Sheng (1950s to 1960s), low tide stage (late 1960s to 1970s), development period (80s to 90s of the last century) Strong phase (2000-2010). Early Sheng (1950s to the 1960s) New China was founded in 1949, to be abandoned, when the steel production is very low, only 1.35 million tons per year (now more than 500 million tons). The construction of the steel structure only relied on Soviet economic and technical assistance. At that time, the Soviet Union assisted in the construction of 156 heavy industrial factories, including metallurgy, heavy machinery, and aircraft and automobile industries, such as Anshan Iron and Steel Plant, Wuhan Iron and Steel Plant, Dalian Shipyard and Harbin Aircraft Factory. . At that time also sent a large number of Soviet experts to guide the work. At the same time also in Beijing, Shenyang, east, south, south, southwest, northwest and other places to set up six major industrial design institute, in Beijing, Wuhan, Anshan, Chongqing, Baotou, Shanghai set up six steel design institute, 22 metallurgical construction departments and steel structure manufacturing and installation companies. (Steel column, steel roof frame, crane beam), training a large number of design, manufacture, installation of talent, for the future development laid a solid foundation.