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Light steel villa development prospects how?
- Dec 15, 2016 -

Light steel villa has the advantages of light weight, good seismic performance, easy to repair after the disaster, low cost of basic materials, recyclable and renewable materials, energy saving, land saving and water saving. It meets the requirement of sustainable development of building resources. It is a traditional concrete building. Can not match. So the development prospects of light steel villa how? Today, light steel structure of residential and real estate developers have a great choice. As the light steel structure housing cost is relatively high, many real estate developers only immediate interests, not considering the actual cost of steel structure housing is not high, the development of multi-use brick-concrete structure, reinforced concrete structure construction. Local governments should attach great importance to the development of light steel villa projects, do a good job of light steel villa low-level, multi-storey and high-level pilot projects, model projects, quality engineering, point to a positive public opinion and guidance, and gradually promote the steel structure housing industry. In the guidance of the model at the same time, the introduction of the corresponding preferential loans, tax policies or subsidies to simplify the approval procedures to encourage and attract real estate developers look to invest in light steel villa area, so that light steel villa "green building" Saving society new economic growth point. Also, for the current R & D capability of steel enterprises are few, the shortage of new steel sheet residential bad situation, the state has the necessary strength to speed up the steel structure of residential standard system, material system and construction system development research, Industry, academia, research, technology, industry and trade to promote unity in the country to form a steel structure housing industry chain. Has not been able to promote a large area of light steel villa existing technical level is not high, the lack of talent, lack of research and development level, the standard system is not perfect.