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Light steel villa combination advantage
- Dec 15, 2016 -

Light steel villa beautiful shape, unique style, comfortable and pleasant, imitation wood material gives a warm feeling; platform overhead, no basic design, suitable for a variety of environments, less damage to the ground, protecting nature, into the landscape. High rate of return on investment business, installation is simple, fast, removable removable, re-use. Can be tailored to a scenic environment can be integrated with the green, environmental protection, ecological concepts of new building products. Light steel truss grid with thermal insulation materials are glass wool or extruded board or composite insulation board, has a good insulation effect. The structural form of the steel structure itself is combined with various insulation forms of the external wall to effectively avoid the "cold bridge" phenomenon of the wall to achieve a better insulation effect. Combination of 10CM insulation wall is equivalent to 1m thick brick wall insulation effect. Light steel truss structure of the steel structure and the external wall of the OSB board is a thermal insulation material, the composite wall of the choice of dense composite material to achieve the effect of insulation. The sound insulation of the doors and windows made of steel trusses, thermal insulation materials and gypsum board is up to 55 decibels. The sound insulation is up to 45 decibels. Completely free from the invasion of termites and other pests, improve the life of the life of housing, reduce maintenance costs.