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How to Decrease Construction Waste in Light Steel
- Dec 15, 2016 -

At present, the international financial crisis and the debt crisis continues to spread, a large number of domestic export-oriented enterprises shrinking export growth, leading to excess production capacity of steel, prices fell, but also affected the coal and other upstream energy companies.

To change this unfavorable situation, in addition to waiting for the economic situation improved, the need to actively seek new growth point of steel consumption. Solid US housing proposal, should use the current lower prices of steel prices, and actively promote the construction of steel structures, especially light steel structure of the popularization and application of the villa.

Steel construction system is easy to realize industrial production and standardization of production, conducive to the transformation and regeneration of repeated use, can increase the building space and use of space, reduce construction waste and environmental pollution, and seismic performance, seasonal effects, saving construction time, and Of the matching wall materials can be used energy saving, environmental protection, new materials, consistent with the strategy of sustainable development. Currently, light steel structure in the industrial construction and high-rise public buildings have been applied, but in the multi-storey and high-rise public buildings and residential buildings are rare, with the lower prices of steel, should promote the application.