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Baoding solid light steel villa internal structure
- Dec 15, 2016 -

Light steel villa's internal structure determines the quality of light steel villa, a high-quality light steel villa and its internal structure is certainly a necessary link. So I have been on the internal structure of light steel villa has a lot of research. Baoding solid US light steel villa internal structure: Baoding solid US production of light steel villa with high strength, seismic performance, simple and quick assembly and other characteristics of the construction. I plant with the best light steel villa production lines, the use of highly efficient preservatives on the surface of steel anti-rust treatment to ensure that the durability of steel components. As the steel structure wrapped in the wall insulation, will not produce thermal bridge. With less steel, light weight, 20 to 30 kg per square meter of steel, steel, steel structure is only about 60% of ordinary housing, saving steel consumption of at least 1 / Light steel villa internal structure of the wall structure: a wall panels, wall panels, wall panels, insulation block 4 varieties. According to different regions of the climate temperature, combined into different wall. Cold regions combined into both the insulation by the insulation of the composite wall to ensure that indoor heat is not wall absorption or leakage, energy-saving effect of 80%, that is, only 1/5 of ordinary building energy consumption can be achieved indoors Insulation needs.