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Analysis of the Characteristics of Light Steel Villa
- Dec 15, 2016 -

Light steel villa characteristics of environmental protection: including environmental protection and environmental protection materials, the use of external wall panels and indoor panels are more than industry standards, the use of solar energy, to warm low-cost, non-polluting. Fast: housing construction speed is 2-3 times the traditional architectural forms. Can use more area: can improve indoor use area of 8% -10% or more. Light weight: weight is the traditional architectural form of 1 / 6-1 / 4. Standardization: Housing construction products highly standardized, factory production operations. Seismic: steel beam, steel column composed of flexible frame, can absorb part of the seismic energy, can withstand more than 9 degrees earthquake, especially for multi-shock countries and regions. Windproof: light steel structure, light weight, high strength, the overall rigidity, deformation ability, can withstand hurricanes. Sound insulation: the sound insulation of the wall is 50 decibels; Insect: completely free from the invasion of termites and other pests, improve the service life of housing and reduce maintenance costs. Energy-saving: the heat transfer coefficient of the house wall is 0.24w / (m2.k), the thermal resistance is 4.16 (m2.k) / w, the system energy saving can reach 85% Water-saving: than the traditional form of water conservation (Energy) consumption, high durability, low pollution, recyclable use of building materials, according to local conditions, to promote the use of high-performance, Local materials, into the industrial decoration of a finished residential construction;