Low Cost Portable Prefab Waterproof Expandable Cabin Design

Low Cost Portable Prefab Waterproof Expandable Cabin Design

We Huasha makes this folding house of the max size which can be loaded into shipping container. We adopts the hinge to make the house to be the modular housing which can be folded,unfolded and moved. The customers could combine the houses into larger ones to meet different demands at site. The...

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We Huasha makes this folding house of the max size which can be loaded into shipping container.
We adopts the hinge to make the house to be the modular housing which can be folded,unfolded and moved.
The customers could combine the houses into larger ones to meet different demands at site.



The kitchen is open,and we can customize the kitchen cabinets,.We can also provide range hood, oven, dishwasher and such electrical appliances.





The toilet,paper holder,shower,sink,mirror,towel rack are all installed in our factory. Customers only need to connect supply and drainage pipes locally.




The pattern inside the house can be changed according to your request.We can also provide some household appliances, such as air conditioning, refrigerator, dishwasher, oven etc.. If you think the white wall is very monotonous, don't worry, we have a variety of internal and external wall decorative boards for you to choose.We will meet all your requirements for housing with our professional attitudes.





1.We know 2 units can be load into one 40’ HQ container, but we just want to order one sample unit for testing. Can we order 1 unit into one 20’GP ?

The package size of this 20ft expandable house is 2200W*5910L*2520H, the door size of 20’GP container is 2200W*2200mmH,so it can’t be loaded into 20’GP container. If you just buy one unit, it will waste your shipping cost a lot. We have other series of folding house can be loaded into 40’HQ with this house together.


2.Are the electricity and water system are finished installation in factory? Are the wires go inside the wall panels?

Yes, both electricity and water system are installed in factory, you just need to connect water supply locally, the connector is in the back of the house. All the wires are hidden inside walls.


3.Which color of the wall panels can be selected?

I want a different color house.Commonly, wall color is gray-white, if you want another color, then we can paint when the quantity is small,or we will have some colors for you to choose from if the quantity is large.


4.What is the ceiling height of this house? Can the ceiling height to be 2.5m?

The ceiling height of the house is 2.28m, if you want to increase the height, we need a 40'OT container to transport and shipping.


5.Other company offer me a better price. Can you offer the same price?

Yes, we can understand other companies will offer a cheaper price.But would you mind to show us their quotation lists? so we can tell you the differences between products.Then you can make a better choice.


6.What tools are needed for unloading the house from the shipping container? How long does it cost to assemble the house?

The crane and forklift are needed when you unload the houses. 6 people one day can finish assembling the house.





Packaging & Shipping



Before shipment,we fix the cupboard, and other accessories with wooden flooring support.We can also provide other packing ways, but we will charge extra packing fees. Please contact our sales in details.

This product can be packed in 40 'HQ or 40' OT cases.40 'OT is more convenient for loading and unloading, but the freight will be more expensive than 40' HQ.




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The other 3 kinds of expandable cabins were designed based on the 20ft expandable cabin and to meet different inquiries from customers.If you think the 37m2 cabin above is not big enough, please click below to know more details.



Company Information


Professional prefab house manufactory founded in 2004

Total gross floor area about 8000m2

Number of employees about 70.

Export-oriented factory







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HUASHA has been engaged in low cost portable prefab waterproof expandable cabin design for over 20 years, and we are known as one of the leading such manufacturers and suppliers in China for our low price and quality products. In order to cater to customers' requirement, our factory also offers the customized service.
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