Folding house granny flat of optional size

Covers 37sqm, easy-transport and easy-assemble. pre-installed electricity and plumbing. Folded back up and move away within 24hours. Used as garden or backyard studios and temporary accomodation.

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Product Details

Discover HUASHA,an innovative and exciting concept of transforming expandable house into unique!

Product description:

All the steel structure is hot galvanized and welded with protection of CO2.

We have the complete manufacturing process for our houses:

Materials purchase,inspection and preparation,team formation,welding,polishing,rust-proof and installation.


Product Ideas:

We make all the houses on the premise of our customers’ benefits.

1.Reduce the package volume to save the transportation and installation cost

2.Calculate the materials reasonably to save cost

3.Increase the mechanized efficiency to save labor cost

4.Offer the most favorable price to help our customers get the competitive ability


Inside Plan:

Building area about 128m2 ,contain 3 bedrooms,1 bathroom,1 open kitchen,1 large sitting room,14 aluminum alloy windows,1 small bathroom window,1 fireproof security door

Inside Height: 2400mm

Top Roof Height: 4500mm

The toilet,paper holder,shower,sink,mirror,towel rack are all installed in our factory. Customers only need to connect supply and drainage pipes locally.Then the house can be used.

The kitchen is open,and we can customize the kitchen cabinets,.We can also provide range hood, oven, dishwasher and such electrical appliances.

Packaging and shipping:

Before shipment,we fix the cupboard, and other accessories with wooden flooring support.We can also provide other packing ways, but we will charge extra packing fees. Please contact our sales in details.

This product can be packed in 40 'HQ or 40' OT cases.40 'OT is more convenient for loading and unloading, but the freight will be more expensive than 40' HQ.

Company information:

Professional prefab house manufactory founded in 2004

Total gross floor area about 8000m2

Number of employees about 70.

Export-oriented factory


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HUASHA has been engaged in luxury 40ft prefabricated movable modern collapsible homes made in china for over 20 years, and we are known as one of the leading such manufacturers and suppliers in China for our low price and quality products. In order to cater to customers' requirement, our factory also offers the customized service.